Our Difference


As a parent you want to see your child healthy, happy and thriving.

So do we.

Our team of experienced paediatric specialists will work closely with you and your child to help make this a reality.

We provide Well-Being Paediatrics.

We go beyond medical diagnosis and take a whole child approach to Paediatric healthcare. We look at the big picture. The physical, mental, emotional, social and cultural factors that influence a child’s well-being, behaviour and development.

We provide a assessments, diagnosis, management and support for children and families.

A comprehensive assessment of the child will help establish an accurate diagnosis, which will lead to a suitable management plan and effective strategies and interventions.

You can feel confident knowing that our team is committed to providing a range of specialist medical advice, beneficial therapies and parenting guidance for your child from Birth to HSC.

We have Paediatric specialists for children of all ages. Our team includes:

General Paediatricians


Adolescent Health Paediatrician

Developmental Paediatrician



School councillor

Your child will have an opportunity to thrive through the coordinated and integrated care of the MINERVAMINDS TEAM.

We look forward to meeting with your family.