Our Difference


Dr Zalan’s combined experience and training in Medicine, Paediatrics, Psychology and Education offers a unique combination of skills with a broad and clinically valuable perspective.

We are Child Centred and Solution Focused.

Our goal is to provide a centre of excellence providing the highest quality, comprehensive assessment and management of children and adolescents with developmental, learning and behavioural difficulties in order to unlock their full potential.

We offer a personalised, comprehensive assessment process including using the most advanced, internationally validated, high quality assessment tools and techniques currently available. This allows the most effective strategies and interventions specifically tailored to your child’s needs.

We focus on streamlining what is often a confusing and bewildering process, providing maximal efficiency with minimal stress.

Our Management Plan uses evidence based approaches with a focus on developing effective strategies that work and optimise your child’s development.

We communicate and collaborate with other health and education professionals including teachers and schools. Making sure all involved parties are included in an integrated and coordinated manner is a vital yet often neglected part of ensuring favourable outcomes.

We understand the importance of working with families and provide experience and expertise, recognising it as an essential dimension in your child’s care.