What To Expect

What to expect when you come to MINERVAMINDS

Firstly, and most importantly, we are here to help you. Our Clinic is set up to make sure it’s a place you will feel comfortable, so we can then help with any problems you may have.

Secondly, we are used to seeing all sorts of problems that kids have and you can feel confident that we are going to be able to help in some way.

When you arrive, you will meet our receptionist who will take some details from your parents while you can check out our waiting area and discover some of the cool stuff we have. The doctor will then come and introduce herself to you and your parents before taking you to her room. Usually at the first session the doctor will have a long chat with your parents. We might also play some games, read stories and chat while your Mum or Dad are listening.

We will check your height and weight and do a physical examination where the doctor might listen to your heart. There are no needles or blood tests. At the end of your appointment your Mum or Dad may make another time to see us again. Sometimes you need to see us a few times before we can really get to know you, and so we can make the right plan that helps you most.