Unlocking your child’s potential

MINERVAMINDS professionals specialise in comprehensive physical, developmental and psychological assessment and treatment of children.
We are trusted for comprehensive assessment and management of developmental delays, learning difficulties, problems with emotional regulation or challenging behaviours in children and adolescents.
We help parents to achieve peace of mind by helping their children reach their potential. We assist children and teenagers to improve their learning, manage their emotions and establish rewarding relationships. We work with families to find effective solutions to complex problems both in the home and the school environment.

We strive for optimal outcomes by assessing and managing:

  • Slow attainment of developmental milestones
  • Speech and language problems
  • Concerns about school readiness
  • Learning, reading and writing difficulties
  • Issues experienced by gifted or twice exceptional students
  • Attention control problems
  • Hyperactive or impulsive behaviour
  • Refusal, defiance or aggression
  • Anxiety, fear or depressed mood
  • Difficulties with establishing or sustaining friendships
  • Lack of empathy or concern for others
  • Behaviours resembling Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Sleep problems
  • Emotional and behavioural difficulties due to chronic illness

At MINERVAMINDS we also provide “Fast Track” diagnostic assessment. This allows completion of comprehensive evaluation, diagnostic formulation and management plan in one week.  Fast Track assessment is valued by families who must travel long distances with their child, or parents who feel that an urgent problem requires assessment in a shorter timeframe.

Principal Doctor

Dr Andrea Zalan is a Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrician. She graduated from The Flinders University of South Australia in 1989 and completed her Paediatric training in 2000 at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Subsequently she worked at the Sydney Children’s Hospital and trained at The NSW Institute of Psychiatry gaining the Certificate of Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatry in 2002. She has also worked as a Staff Specialist at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and was involved in Medical Education through The University of Sydney.

Dr Andrea Zalan is a highly respected specialist treating patients from all over Australia as well as internationally. She applies a child and family centred, solution focused approach. Coupled with her clinical expertise and experience, her insightful and caring management style has allowed her to achieve the best possible outcomes for her patients – making the possible reachable.

Dr. Andrea Zalan

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