Feeding and Nutritional Support

Nutrition is becoming more relevant then just simple caloric intake and optimisation. It is not only influencing physical growth and health, but it also fundamentally influences our brain-function and higher level thinking and processing.

Nutritional demands of the body change constantly with age. Specific considerations need to be taken into account whether it is related to

-breast or bottle feeding,

-introduction of solids,

-expanding dietary preferences

-managing snack-time

-optimising lunch boxes

-balancing caloric and nutritional intake

-optimising weight management

-managing allergies and nutrient deficiencies.

Receiving advice and guidance from a Paediatric Dietitian and Nutritionist can be very useful for children and families.

We have more and more understanding about the brain and gut connection, about the role of nutrients and micronutrients and their effect on general health and well-being.

Genetic predisposition, environmental factors, behaviour patterns, personal preferences, societal influences and values influence our most basic functions of eating and drinking patterns.